TurboServices Dedicated to the Pratt and Whitney FT4

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TSI's experienced staff can accommodate your every need. From emergency or expedited repairs in order to return your units back to service; to full Major Shop Inspections and Overhauls; to implementing a Maintenance Program to fit your needs. TSI is here for you.

Fuel Manifold & Nozzle Overhaul

Our recently completed Fuel Manifold and Nozzle Overhaul division provides quick turnarounds and immediate cost savings. Removing carbon and restrictive deposits from nozzles and manifolds achieves uniform fuel flow in GG4/FT4 engines. Unrestricted fuel flow helps minimize streaking, torching and high TT7 spreads. Damage is greatly reduced to the combustion chambers and nozzle guide vanes.

Overhaul & Repair

Whatever your budgetary and time requirements are, TSI works with you to ensure a long lasting relationship. We perform typical overhauls, in-depth inspections, and solve troublesome operational problems on a daily basis.

Field Service

The TSI team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist in your operations or with any questions you may have.


We have currently established a training program with multiple power generation facilities. The greater the knowledge base your employees have of the units they work with the smoother your entire operation will run.